As some of the leading nurseries in the area, Monkey Puzzle West Norwood and Monkey Puzzle Streatham Common have established good working relations with local state and independent schools, helping our children transition as they move on from preschool.

We take great pride in the children in our nurseries, what they achieve during their time with us and how ready they are when it finally comes time to move on. When they graduate, we support our families with their transition to Reception to make the process as stress free and easy as possible. After leaving our Monkey Puzzle nurseries, we love to see where they have moved on to and how they are getting on in their new schools. Below, you can see where all of graduating children have gone on to after leaving.

For any questions about local schools or their admissions, please speak to our team and they will be able to help you.

School Sector Admissions 2022 Admissions 2023
Oakfield Prep School Private 3 4
Julian’s School Streatham State 1 2
Julian’s School West Norwood State 4 2
Rosendale School State 1 2
DUCKS Private 0 1
Dulwich Prep London Private 1 1
Alleyn’s Private 0 1
James Allen Girls School Juniors Private 2 0
Hitherfield School State 1 2
Dunraven State 0 1
Herne Hill School Private 0 1
Henry Cavendish State 0 1
Rosemead Prep School Private 1 0