Sheena Patel


Owner and Director

About Me:

My name is Sheena Patel. I am a dedicated mother and qualified physiotherapist. I have developed a passion for nurturing, teaching and supporting children through my career and family life. I am very familiar with the competing demands of work, young children and the stresses of finding the right childcare and I understand first-hand the vital role an excellent nursery plays in a child's development.

As a chartered physiotherapist, I have worked with children of all ages, spending time in paediatric departments and neonatal baby units. I have recently treated children and adults with muscle and joint injuries. My profession has required me to develop excellent skills in teaching, caring for, and motivating patients and their families.

Becoming a mum ten years ago made me reconsider my career aspirations. I watched my children develop and grow and found myself constantly amazed by young children's spirit, tenacity and creative ability. My experience has been enriching and ignited my passion for early years learning.

As a mum, I aim to provide a loving, stable, nurturing environment to support my children's social and emotional development. Young children thrive on care and attention. They give so much love back when you are part of this positive experience. I combine this personal experience with the skills and learning gathered from my clinical career.

I understand the importance of health and safety and its role in ensuring the well-being of our precious children. My team and I strive to create an environment that delivers the highest quality care. Our nursery's design and standards of care are child-focused and well-thought-out, with my children in mind.

I promise to give you the peace of mind that your little ones will be cared for in a loving, safe and fun environment where they can learn, develop and thrive. It is a place I would have wanted my children to come.